Music, dance, teatre and performance

Jazz singer … and a little crazy!

My name is Iryna. Or, let us say, this is the name my parents gave me at birth. In real life I have had many names: Laila, Manon, Natalia, Xin Ju, Habibi… My passion and specialty are music and entertainment.

At a very young age I discovered that there was a Cuban mulatto soul locked inside the girl born in Minsk (Belarus) and that the wonderful world that we live in, has no frontiers.

Cuba, Germany, USA, England, France, Spain; from a very young age the world is my home … I have lived on all continents, except in Africa. Something that is yet to do.

For now, I live in Barcelona, a city that I have fallen in love with.

I love traveling, living and telling stories of the places and people I met, because in the end we are all an accumulation of everything that has happened to us in our lives.

Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Aretha Franklin, Buena Vista Social Club, Herbie Hancock, and also Amy Winehouse, Pink Martini … For me, all this is “CHIC JAZZ”.

Or in other words, something to enjoy!